Table Specifications – Product Information

Our salvaged timber may display some of the following features and characterful detail:

  • Divots, scores and dents that are a part of the timbers previous life.
  • Knots and knot holes. These are inevitable but add character and are placed in the best positions possible.
  • Small splits or cracks that occur due to that nature of the natural timber. These may be present when delivered or may appear once in the home but will not affect the integrity or functionality of the table and will only add character.
  • Minor variations in colour/shades due to the nature of the wood grain.
  • Minor unevenness on the surface of the table due to the natural shape and arching of some of the boards. These boards are usually positioned to give as even a surface as possible however it may be necessary to use a placemat if a board is particularly arched.
  • A small amount of gapping may occur during certain periods of the year if/when the timber shrinks.


All our Dining Table tops are made using kiln dried timber which is moisture tested to 10% moisture content. This will reduce the likelihood of the wood bowing, splitting or warping. In very warm or humid environments cracking and movement may occur. This usually occurs in cold periods when homes have heating up high or in summer in rooms with direct sun.

We hand craft our tables with natural movement considered and do everything possible to ensure the stability and structure of each piece however we can not take responsibility if the product reacts to the environment, humidity and/or temperature of your home. All natural timber reacts to heat changes, humidity and direct sunlight.

We advise our customers to avoid exposing our products to extreme conditions in the first 8 weeks to allow the timber to acclimatise to your home and its environments. Examples of conditions that may affect the movement and stability of the wood is underfloor heating, strong direct sun in conservatories/sun rooms and heating temperatures over 24 degrees.

Should you experience any natural movement due to any of the pre mentioned variables, we advise placing an additional felt pad under the foot of the table leg to eliminate any wobbling (each foot is supplied with one felt pad attached).


We are more than happy to make any of our pieces to measure to suit your requirements however this may be plus or minus a 3% tolerance as our products are handmade not machine made and so we cannot guarantee exact size accuracy every time. However all items will be within 3% of the size ordered.


We do not accept returns, make changes, alterations, amendments or offer refunds due to issues that are born from our customers preference on wood shade, colour, grain or any other characteristics of the natural timber products. We pride ourselves of the quality of our products and aftercare so we will happily advise where we can on any queries or concerns on any of these areas.


The wooden frame dining table legs and sides are also made using reclaimed timber and so may also show signs of rustic elements such as not being completely smooth and flat when paint is applied. We make every effort to sand these natural imperfections out however we cannot guarantee a perfectly smooth finish.

We sand and wax the underside of our table tops just like the top side however we do not seal the underside with an oil as we do with the top (sealing is not required underneath) therefore you may notice the underside of the table top is not as glossy and polished looking as the top side. This is a none visible area of the table and is finished accordingly.

We have a core range of wood finishes and paint colours. Should you required a different wood finish or paint colour we are happy to do so at an additional cost. We can not guarantee colour or shade matches to the customers own flooring, work tops or furniture from other suppliers. We are happy to send out colour samples however we can not guarantee that the shade of the end product will be identical to the sample due to the natural variance in the wood.

The shades and colours of our pieces may vary slightly from our photos online due to the nature of the natural timber used however we always strive to make it as close as possible and to finish it beautifully.

We can not take responsibility for the customers design preference or assumptions if not discussed at point of placing the order. Unless requested otherwise, our product designs will be as per our own product description. We are happy to discuss design alterations pre ordering.