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See our full range of fabulous bespoke tables, including dining tables, coffee tables, console tables, side tables and full dining sets, all lovingly crafted from reclaimed timber. Available for individuals looking to enhance their home, or commercial buyers looking for multiple tables for their bar, cafe or other business.

Don’t settle for less: a good table will be an essential and long-lasting element of any room it lives in. All of our tables are made-to-measure, built-to-last, and have a rustic charm that guests won’t fail to be impressed with.

You don’t have to guess whether your new table will be too big or small, or will match the style of your room: you can choose the size you need, and pick a colour according to your tastes. If you have more specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us: our bespoke design service will be able to customize a table that you will fall in love with.

For tailored wooden tables of delightful design, you can’t beat this respectable range. Narrow down the selection according to your needs with the options on the right.