Our beautiful furniture range includes a number of variations on the ever-popular reclaimed wood style. Each lends its own character to your living spaces or office.

Rustic: Natural and casual are two words that identify the rustic style. Rough-hewn or aged wood are appropriate here. Rustic furniture feels down-to-earth and unpretentious.

Industrial: Putting an aesthetic spin on the furniture found in old warehouses and factories, the industrial style is clean, minimalist and brings a retro vibe. Very popular in trendy commercial settings.

Farmhouse: Inspired by the comfort of French countryside farmhouses, this style means home, warmth and pastoral charm. Regardless of the style of your room, farmhouse furniture fits in easily.

Premium: Our high-end items; or, what happens when we pull out all the stops. Making use of all available techniques, no matter the cost, these are our most modern, advanced and striking creations.

Regardless of style, all of our furniture is lovingly handcrafted from 100% reclaimed timber and built to last.