How to Care for Your Wood Dining Table

Knowing how to care for your wooden dining room table top is very important. Fabulous Furniture Company offers our clients an in-depth overview on how to maintain their wood dining table top when they purchase a handcrafted piece of furniture from us. We also offer a fully equipped aftercare kit including cleaners, oil, applicators and gloves. Giving you all the tools you need to maintain and care for your Fabulous Furniture Dining Table for years to come.

Although there are various different types of woods and finishes used when producing hand crafted tables, we have produced an overview of ‘how to care for your wood dining table top’.


Take care when storing items on the wooden table top

All dining room tables can acquire clutter over a period of time. However, using the wood dining table as a storage hub can increase its chance of becoming scratched or marked. Our table tops are treated with two coats of wax and sealed with a hardening oil for protection. However, wood can be scratched if sharp objects are dragged across it so please atke care when placing items on your table top.

The benefit of a solid timber table top is that any scratches can be easily repaired by sanding out the blemish and applying some of our wax finish to the affected area. Should you accidentally scratch your table, fear not as we will be more than happy to help.


Always use place mats

It is recommended to use good quality place mats when serving food or eating from the dining table. Place mats stop the transfer of heat from a hot dish to the wooden table, this is particularly important when purchasing a table which has been waxed, because the heat from a hot dish could mark the wax.

We also recommend the use of place mats when putting drinks on a table, this will protect the wooden table against spillage and potential scratches. The table is very well protected from liquid damage however it is good practice to protect it as best you can from stains or water marks.


Cleaning your dining table

Cleaning your dining table after each usage will ensure the table is clear from any everyday abrasive particles that could otherwise mark your table top.

Using a damp cloth wipe down the table ensuring you remove any food or dust particles. It’s important to ensure you use a dry clean cloth, keep folding the cloth over to reduce the spread of any dirt. You can clean the wooden table cloth using any surface cleaners such as antibacterial sprays or soapy cloths. Do not use neat bleach as this will bleach the colour of the wood finish leaving a pale patch. Do not over wet your cloth as too much water could soak into the timber.


Be aware of lighting

Wooden tables can react and fade if exposed to UV light without the correct protection. We recommend letting us know if you intend to use your table outside or near a patio window where direct sunlight will come into contact with the surface of the wood as in this case we use an alternative UV protective oil to prevent the wood finish fading. We can also advise you on the best UV protective oils to use for aftercare.


Re oil once a year

All our wood is waxed twice and then sealed with a hardening oil for the ultimate protection. We recommend our customers to simply give the wood surfaces a coat of clear oil once per year to help keep the timber sealed and moisturised. We recommend the Osmo Oil for this. We use the satin finish and so we advise you to top it up annually using the same product.

We stock the OSMO after care pack, this is fantastic kit to keep handy and comes with all the correct contents for maintaining your dining table.


Mop up any liquid residue

Alcohol based substances, in particular red wine can cause stains on the wood if any spillage isn’t cleared up in adequate time. We recommend simply using a dry dish cloth or kitchen roll to absorb the spillage, then use a clean damp kitchen dish cloth after to remove any excess fluids. The incredibly robust finish we apply to our table tops will buy you time to get a cloth and wipe it up but if spills are left for a long period of time it will eventually absorb into the timber leaving a stain. Again, the benefit of our solid timber tops is that this can be rectified by softly sanding over the stain and re-waxing.


Consider the space

Considering size when ordering a wooden dining table is very important, you have to ensure you have adequate space for chairs and to be able to manoeuvre around the table. comfortably.

Ensuring you have adequate space around the dining table ensures you can avoid catching it, causing any unnecessary damage to the wooden trims and edges and allows you to move freely around the table without restriction.


Beware of pets

We too are huge animal lovers, but we all know the vast majority of furniture damage is caused by our furry loved ones.

Cats have a tendency to use wooden dining room table legs as scratching posts, leaving claw marks on the wooden legs.

Young dogs like to chew, especially when teething especially when teething, so you can imagine a dining table leg would be the perfect chew!.

You get the gist, if possible, keep pets away from your handcrafted furniture.


Above all else, enjoy it

If you purchased your dining table from Fabulous Furniture Company you purchased a beautifully handcrafted wooden dining table, in which your intention was to use it. So, use it, create those memories and enjoy it. We have built our tables to last for years to come and our aftercare support is there to ensure that is the case. Feel free to contact the team if you have any questions or for any further maintenance or aftercare information on enquiries@fabulousfurniturecompany.com