Exploring The Farmhouse Style


Here at Fabulous Furniture Co., we offer our bespoke,  handcrafted furniture in a variety of styles to suit every taste and home. Today, we’d like to explore The Farmhouse style, including where it came from, defining features and why it may be just what you need in your brand new set of furniture.

Farmhouse Style is the colloquial term for a style similar to rustic – but with more modern touches. The farmhouse style is typically centred around rustic-styled wooden furniture – but with splashes of colour atop the natural state of the wood.  Modern farmhouse style also incorporates more contemporary design elements with neutral glossy looks and possibly even more modern materials such as steel and granite. The modern farmhouse style has become one of the dominating trends at present – with its synergistic mix of modern minimalism and the timeless homely feel of rustic furniture becoming extremely popular with first-time homeowners. But where did Farmhouse Style begin?

Funnily enough, the farmhouse style began in European farmhouses – with the style being present as early as the 16th century. The traditional hallmarks of the style began out of necessity, with hardwood flooring and untreated wooden furniture cutting costs – rather than making a statement. This style stayed ever-present due to its low cost and practicality for farm life,  eventually finding its way across the Atlantic to the colonial United States – moving from coast to coast as homesteaders made their way across the Midwest. Farmhouse styling was easily cobbled together from the wood and stone farmers cleared from the fields, and fanciful furniture was neither affordable nor necessary for those who were building a new life out in the plains. Many simply did not need anything more than the practical when they spent most of the day in the fields. Early Farmhouse stayed a strong presence in many a home till as late as the 19th century

After the industrial revolution – when many gave up country life for inner-city factories, farmhouse became less of a necessity and more of a stylistic choice, becoming popular with the emerging middle class of the period. They carried over elements of other popular (and expensive) décor, including neoclassical, into the furniture made of sturdy & longlasting materials. Creative flairs and intricacies became commonplace in handcrafted furniture, but this era of farmhouse still relied upon practicality in its materials over aesthetics.

After a long period of falling out of style, modern farmhouse splashed onto the scene in the early 2010s in a big way. Defined by a cosy atmosphere,  with neutral pallets and an industrial twist to the early Farmhouse styles. Handmade wooden furniture became the aesthetic rather than the practical (a title which belongs to plastics today) and minimalist colours and metallic furnishings make for a timeless look. Modern rustic combines modern elegance with rustic charm, and it’s here to stay.

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