Entryway Makeover Guide

The entryway to your home is the first impression your guests get of your décor. However, many neglect it’s the ability to bring the ‘wow’ factor into the home. After all, most foyers are home to muddy shoes and dripping-wet coats this time of year. In this post, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks to give your entryway the perfect makeover so you can make the perfect first impression!

1.  Pick the Best Décor Style For you

When revamping such an overlooked part of the home, it can be tempting to go all out with a brand new style. Consistency is always key, so try to match the stylings of the rest of your house. For an older, Victorian style home – why not try a rustic style? Ultramodern city housing is perfect for the angular, utilitarian industrial look. If you’re unsure, the farmhouse style is always a perfect blend of modern twists and classic staples that blend in perfectly with any home.

2.  Intelligent Design in the home

Don’t be afraid to completely renovate and rethink your entryway layout. Redecorating is the perfect time to readjust and increase efficiency in the home. If you find yourself leaving your keys and essential items on the windowsill, we’d recommend purchasing The Hairpin Console Table. This reclaimed timber table can be tailormade to the height and length you need for your entryway, and would make the perfect home for a key-bowl, some potted greenery or whatever your heart desires!

If you’re tired of the early morning struggle of getting your work shoes on standing, why not consider The Chunky Rustic Bench or The Chunky Industrial X Frame Bench. These minimalistic, rugged benches serve as a gorgeous and useful entryway accent that’s perfect for impressing guests.

3. Simplify the indoor experience

An entryway makes its best impression when it’s tidy. As always, we’d recommend one of our best sellers, The Rustic Reclaimed Wood Shoe Rack, for a streamlined, seamless entry experience. This handmade shoe rack is filled to the brim with character and charm, whilst still leaving plenty of room for your shoes! This piece comes in a variety of colours and can be made to your measurements. This bespoke handmade shoe rack is a hard-wearing piece of furniture. Made to be the perfect height for sitting upon with specialised compartments for boots and wellies. For maximising looks and floor space, there’s no better option than one of our shoe racks.


We hope these tips can help you revolutionize the home experience, starting at the very entrance. Our bespoke wooden furniture is the perfect choice for turning any room into a masterpiece, with our collection of tables, benches and more coming in a variety of styles. All of our furniture is handcrafted from reclaimed wood and can be custom-made to meet your requirements. Begin your home decorating journey from your entryway today by shopping with us at Fabulous Furniture Co.