Dining sets that will leave you the talk of the neighborhood


The dining table is such a big part of family life. We sit around it to eat, to entertain, to work. We spend hours pouring our hearts out over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with our best friends, enjoying romantic dinners with our loved one, enjoying big family dinners and celebrations, doing homework, and drawing with the kids.


Quite simply, the dining table is the heart of many homes.


It doesn’t just have to be just a practical piece of furniture. No – it can be something that is quite beautiful. Something that leaves you the talk of the neighbourhood. That is exactly what you will get when you order a handcrafted dining set from Fabulous Furniture Company Ltd.


Wood and metal form the basis of our furniture production. The hardness and simplicity of bare metal, the comfort and warmth of real wood, all come together in perfect harmony in our goods. We don’t create furniture. We create pieces of art that you can make memories upon, and that really do make you the talk of the neighbourhood for all of the right reasons.


The unique approach

Whatever style or size you want, we can work with you to create the dining set of dreams. You can choose from one of our set pieces, each one created with lots of love. Every piece is unique, so you can sit at the table and do all those lovely things, knowing you are sitting at something special. We also take bespoke orders to design each element, so it is entirely yours, with our years of crafting experience poured into it.


Quality matters

Your dining set won’t just be a dining set. It will be an investment, something that lasts for years and years, that your children and grandchildren will sit at and make memories. This is because we make sure everything we create is made of the very best materials available. We love to use reclaimed timber to create visually stunning pieces of furniture. We source them all ourselves and hand-select them to ensure that only the best materials make their way into our workshop, ready to turn into something extraordinary for you and your family.


Showing our support

Reliable support is essential for your dining set, so we ensure that the tabletop is something of beauty, but the legs are too. We choose wood or metal that is perfectly printed and compliments the top, while adding stability and a powerful foundation, without compromising on style.


If you are looking for a dining set that is the perfect balance of individuality, style, beauty, and strength, get in touch with us at the Fabulous Furniture Company Ltd. Our passion is making furniture that makes people happy, using materials that make us happy. We can talk to you about the designs we have in our showroom or create a truly bespoke dining set. Whatever you want, you can be sure that your dining sets will leave you the talk of the neighbourhood.