Manufacturing custom hand-made furniture for customers’ homes is our speciality. All of our custom handmade dining room tables are designed and manufactured with domestic users in mind. When ordering from Fabulous Furniture Company Ltd, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a hassle-free service and a unique customer experience. So much so our expert carpenter and company director Tom Stanger wanted to share with you three important things to consider when you order custom hand-made dining room tables.

Step 1 – Choosing the size of the table:
Choosing the size of the dining table that is perfect for your living space is very important. Most family memories are created around the dining room table, whether it’s helping children with homework, having a games night with friends or have a Sunday lunch with
family, we understand.

Tom mentioned- ‘So the first thing we like to do is establish with our customers how many people are likely to sit around the table’ and ‘we ask our clients what kind of space and environment they have for the table’. ‘Once we know the all these factors, we then can custom make a table that’s perfect for your living space’. Understanding the location and environment of the dining room table is really important, for example understanding the lighting conditions in a room, will ensure we can guide the clients to select a suitable wax finish. Knowing the space in which the custom handmade dining room table is going ensures there is enough space for seat placement.

trapezium style hand made table trapezium handmade bespoke dining room table  

Step 2 – Choosing the style:
‘Ensuring you choose the correct style of custom dining room table for your home décor is important to us’. This is why we have a fantastic range of options for our clients. Some clients prefer the rustic dining room table look, some clients prefer the farmhouse style of dining room table and some clients love the industrial dining room table style.

But the customer choosing from our list of bespoke styles, isn’t always customer lead, as mentioned we are experts in custom made furniture, we keep up with the latest trends and can comfortably guide our domestic clients to a wonderful custom made furniture solution.
Tom went on to say – ‘We have a fantastic portfolio of previous bespoke furniture installations, which we can show to our clients. Choosing the correct dining room table is important, which is why we love brain storming the styles and colour options with our clients.

hand made farmhouse dining room table hand made farmhouse furniture industrial handmade bespoke furniture table live edge wood dining room table

Step 3 – Choosing the finish:
This finish off the handmade table brings everything together, we have a fantastic range of customised legs to go with our wooden dining tabletops. Tom mentioned – ‘We powder coat all of our metal legs, to ensure excellent finish and longevity to our bespoke dining room
tables’. Choosing the correct finish is possibly the most important step, certainly the most exciting.

You have to ensure the finish of the table suits your home décor and living space. This is why we have a fantastic range of finishes our customers can select from when choosing our farmhouse style tables, rustic dining tables and industrial style tables. We have a fantastic photo album that our clients can choose various different finishes from. Choosing the correct wood top finish is very important, you have to consider lighting as each finish will appear different when placed in a light, bright area as apposed to being in a darker more shaded area. We have a huge range of different wax finishes to choose from such as Antique Pine, Light Oak, Walnut and Rugger brown. All of our wax finishes are
incredibly hard wearing and when looked after properly in line with our maintenance guidelines, it will last for years to come.

metal framed dining room table legs selection of our dining room table legs our different style of wax furniture finishes x frame dining room table legs

If you would like to get to know the Fabulous Furniture team even more, be sure to check our YouTube video here.